LT Woods Art

LT Woods is the hosting sponsor of St Louis Classic. LT has been tattooing professionally for 18 years and has worked at some of the most illustrious shops in the world. 

As a professional, award winning, world renowned artist, LT strives for perfection and to give his clients the best possible experience and he proudly stands behind each piece he creates. Every piece is custom made for each client after a detailed consultation.

As a Missouri native nothing makes LT happier than to be tattooing full-time in his home base, St.Louis. LT has turned his experience attending some of the best conventions in the world into amazing events including Tattoo The Lou and St Louis Classic Tattoo Expo!   


Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink is the brand trusted by tattoo artists around the world. They lead the way by setting strict standards in product consistency, quality ingredients, and outstanding performance for their tattoo inks. They take great satisfaction in knowing that artists believe and trust in Eternal Ink. They quality control every step of the process so the stunning bottle of Eternal Ink you bought last month will be a dead-on match with the bottle you'll order next month. They know that consistency is critical to you, your art and your reputation. They know because they are artists, too. That is the real secret of Eternal Ink ... Made for artists by artists.


barrel Brands

Barrel Brands produces a line of small batch barrel aged oils meant to treat and protect your skin and hair. Made and barrel aged by hand by Jeremy Allen Stanton, every bottle is inspected, filled and packaged with care.

Proprietary and constantly evolving, all of Barrel Brands oils include pure vitamin E oil and a blend of other natural oils that make your hair and skin look and feel healthy as well as protecting them from the elements.

While specifically developed by Jeremy to help maintain his tattoos and beard, the blend of oils in every bottle has a wealth of benefits far exceeding those uses. Our oils are excellent wherever you need extra moisturizing and can help repair damaged hair and split ends, lighten scars and repair cracked skin, bring new life to old tattoos or keep your newly-healed art preserved for years, smooth stretch marks, ease dermatitis and so much more.


Bowers Machines


Anchor Safety Sleeves

With affordable and durable disposable sleeves, artists can bring their iPad Pro into the creative process without fear of spills, paint, ink, or more damaging their device. Anchor is for artists, by artists.


Mindzai Creative

Design Studio, Art Inspired Print Shop, and Screen Printing


Fusion Ink

Fusion Tattoo Ink is tattoo artist and family run. Fusion Ink is not packed with fillers as are a lot of inks on the market today. Once you try Fusion, you will know the difference.


Kingpin tattoo supply