FeatureD Artists

Here you will find a list of our featured artists and how to contact them! Please reach out to the tattooer that you are interested in booking an appointment with directly to schedule! All tattooers handle their own scheduling and pricing! 

brad f.jpg

Brad Fink

Brad is a featured artist and owner of DAREDEVIL TATTOO NYC Tattooing ♥️ Museum and Iron Age St Louis

By appointment only. NYC/St. Louis/Largo, Fl

timmy tatts.jpg

Timmy Tatts 

The real Timmytatts, we are proud to have him with us as a featured artist at St Louis Classic Tattoo Expo 2018. Tattooer since 1994. Be good, be nice, be careful.
King Cobra Tattoo
State College PA . 814-237-6940

Tony H.jpg

Noah Moore 

Noah is a featured artist based out of ஃ OLD SOULS ஃ TATTOO PARLOUR  KANSAS CITY,MO


Tony Hundahl


Tattooing professionally since 1998. Artistically Tony tends to focus on bold imagery with a lot of movement that is based in traditional western and Japanese styles. Tony tries to be versatile enough to translate any idea into a tattoo that will look powerful and hold up over time.


Mario Desa

Mario’s lifelong obsession with iconography, esoteric symbolism and pragmatic art and design, as well as a childhood steeped in graffiti, skateboarding, punk rock, Hip Hop and inner city life, led him to tattooing. Getting his start in 1997, Mario’s primary focus in the craft is a traditional approach inspired by classic tattoo flash, Americana and Folk Art.


Joshua Bowers

Joshua currently tattoos at Iron Heart in Des Moines, IA. If you would like to get tattooed please e-mail your idea to joshuacbowers@hotmail.com or call Iron Heart at 515-270-1500. 

Acanthus Apparel is a clothing company that he runs with his wife Alyssa. He does the designs, and she does everything else. If you'd like to purchase their clothing online please go to www.acanthusapparel.etsy.com

Professional tattooers can purchase my tattoo machines through his website or by e-mailing him, he tries to build and add machines weekly.

Please feel free to e-mail him with any questions.


Nick Colella

Nick Colella loves tattooing. Since 1994 he has been passionate about developing his craft, learning the history of tattooing and preserving it. Traditional American tattoos are some of his favorite to do but he does designs of all kinds.